I have a number of examples of E.A wasting money on travel and training. Despite having a lease car I was sent on a 110 mile train ride to a training course in sunny Cardiff. The 5 day course included nearly two complete days allocated for travel (Monday & Friday) I was informed by my supervisor that the travel day on Monday was to allow me to acclimatise, I assumed he meant a bit like the base camp of Everest!!!. This was despite the fact that the course didn’t start until 11am on the Tuesday. On arrival I was treated to the Mercure Holland, 4 star Hotel. With its luxury Spa, Pool, Gymnasium and also received £500 worth of Google Play and Eshkol gift cards. Despite the course being a little ‘Janet & John’ it was well worth tolerating due to the many coffee breaks,lunch and the anticipation of the E.A funded gourmet meal at the end of the day after climbing out of the Hot tub.